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The Chaplain Wears a Hijab

An explosive surprise was on a young physicist’s desk when he moved into Robinson Hall in 1962

Colorectal cancer rates went up just as folic acid was added to enriched grains, researchers say

Pursuing unconventional approaches yields best results, says renowned biology researcher Judah Folkman

Why physicians don’t talk about diet and exercise—but should

Ancient sediment holds key to understanding regional climate history

Veterinary technicians are an integral part of the team at the Cummings School

Researchers show slowed gene replication leads to chromosome fragility

Tufts students help to land grant for urban park in Salem, Mass.

Tufts is one of 10 universities that “get” green, says the Sierra Club

Limiting refined carbohydrates may stall age-related macular degeneration

Arts & Sciences will give “professor of the practice” titles to non-academic teachers

The first two interdisciplinary seminars focus on global health and international water rights

Sugary drinks, but not fruit juice, may be linked to insulin resistance


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Ukrainian student creates program to help orphans in her native city