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New book about children melds theory and practice

Hart: We are not safe, and war with Iraq will not make us safe

Community project will help overweight kids shape up

A link between clogged arteries and uterine fibroids?

From milkshakes to computers: opening the door to women in engineering

Research amplifies undergraduate experience, now the challenge is expanding those opportunities

Peace Corps recognizes Tufts

A&S authors to display newly published works

Public housing residents play key role in asthma research

Saudi Arabia: delights for the mind and palate

Annual conference explores sovereignty and intervention

Former President Bush to offer his perspective on the Middle East

Here's an opportunity to get involved in veterinary education

Researchers investigate ways to lower cholesterol

Educators explore interdisciplinary approaches to brain development

Limiting calories may prove to be the 'fountain of youth'


Elephant exhibition celebrates Baronian gift

Photography exhibition celebrates the Abayudaya

What is the connection between chemicals and breast cancer?

Seymour Simches

Vincent Manno

Donna Mumme

People notes

In this corner
Leader of exiled Iraqi opposition group talks about war—and peace