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Lawrence S. Bacow takes office as Tufts' 12th president

Dr. Diana Bianchi is named the first Zucker Professor

New book takes a fresh look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli officer explains why he refuses to serve in Occupied Territories

Scholars work together to help the world's children

Skin tone influences perceptions of blacks, study finds

Symposium forges alliance between philosophy and science

Fletcher unveils portrait of former Dean Jack Galvin

Oily fish are heart-healthy

Horn of Africa veterinary programs receive high marks

2 Fletcher students named Luce Scholars

TILR summer session starts June 3

TuftScope receives Evergreen Award


Omidyars to deliver main address in ceremony that caps Tufts' 150th

Health as a National Asset: Can Finland's perspective help U.S. reform?

Jodie Moreau

Kris Talon

People notes

Tufts 150
Controversy in 1857; women take the stage in 1893