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Psychology cyberbook breaks new ground in academic publishing

Tiny fruit fly offers clues to human genome

New dean will bring Tufts' graduate programs to the fore

New practice guidelines take aim at chronic kidney disease

Weight training helps kidney disease sufferers

Dental educators mount a swift response to Swift's dental care cuts

Tufts awards honorary degree to Hungarian prime minister

While other university endowments fall, Tufts posts 4.9% gain

Faces of history

Using genetics to treat heart disease

TILR spring classes begin March 15

Homegrown ligaments could repair debilitating knee injuries


Gallery showcases Munro's photographic legacy

How to pass anatomy without passing out

Rosemary Taylor

Tara Bass

Andrew Camilli

Dr. Morton Rosenberg

People notes

Tufts 150
Tufts Wives Club paves the way for Eliot-Pearson School