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From baseball to cricket: a new provost brings a different perspective

Senior VP Tom Murnane to retire in 2003

Omidyars urge 2002 graduates to be 'catalysts for change'

Dean Harrington to step down in December

True stories about disturbed pets and their distressed owners

Providence assistant named head coach of women's basketball

Scholar with national impact named to Gershoff Chair

A modest man makes a major impact

Outfielder drafted by world champion Diamondbacks

NEJM liberalizes conflict-of-interest policy

A facelift for Goddard Chapel

T-NEMC commits $19 million to cancer research

Dorms undergoing network upgrades

Autumn academics

Berger grant will illuminate Ritter Collection

Campus Center goes wireless


The untold story of the Royall House slaves

U.S. is key to durable peace in South Asia

James E. Tillotson

Andrew Camilli

James F. Dice Jr.

Rev. David O'Leary

People notes

Tufts 150
Summer school at Tufts a relatively 'new' endeavor