June 16, 2010

Surf at Your Own Peril

From the Web to the iPad, we’re rewiring our brains when we read online, and that’s probably a bad thing, especially for kids, says Maryanne Wolf

The Battle for Healthy Children

As the U.S. prepares to attack childhood obesity, Tufts experts pitch in

Strong Women, Head to Toe

Miriam Nelson’s latest book is a guide to health focused on total well-being

Red Ink Is Bad News

It’s not just unlucky in finance—it turns out those grading with it are less forgiving

Sleep Interrupted

For 50 million chronically exhausted Americans, a pioneering program at the dental school is leading the way to a good night’s rest


Winning It All

Men’s lacrosse captures first NCAA team championship for Tufts, and women’s tennis singles strikes gold, too

Greening the Rooftop

A garden on top of Tisch Library is a biology student’s proving ground for urban environmentalism

Rate My Doctor

Online reviews of physicians are more positive and less plentiful than expected, study finds