December 16, 2009

The Big Fat Question

Slideshow After decades of love-it-or-hate-it diets, it turns out that it's time to make nice with the greasy stuff

A Radical Behind the Lens

Video Legendary Argentine filmmaker Fernando Birri, a friend of Gabriel Garcia Márquez and Fidel Castro, is a visiting professor this semester

It’s a Wonderful Life at the Movies

Video Tufts faculty and staff recommend their holiday favorites

Pandemic Responders

Cummings School receives major grant to engage in a global effort to thwart emerging infectious diseases


Federal Stimulus Funds Buoy Research at Tufts

Grants total $16.9 million to 23 academic departments in the first year alone

Drink (Water) and Be Happy

Study finds dehydration in athletes leads to bad moods and perhaps poorer cognitive performance

Mining Ancient Texts

Researchers will create a database to track topics in a million primary and secondary Greco-Roman documents