September 9, 2009

Engineering Leaders

Bernard Gordon’s transformative gift will foster leadership in the field

Best in Class

The freshman matriculation welcomed another strong group of students, even in the midst of turbulent economic times

Well Worth the Price

Economist Frank Ackerman ponders the cost of environmental change and asks, Can We Afford the Future?

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Researchers grow tissues that closely mimic layers of skin and open the possibility for new ways to study diseases and potential drug therapies

Threads of Hope

Researchers aim to improve working conditions, and lives, in factories overseas


Anna’s Gift

A researcher’s ‘pet’ finds its way back home to the School of Dental Medicine

Potential Cancer Stopper

Gene is found that regulates cancer stem cells in a type of aggressive brain cancer

The Eyes Have It

Snap judgments—in this case about who is straight and who is not—turn out to be surprisingly accurate

Tufts Top-Ranked as Charity

The university is lauded by outside firm for its efficient management and growth

A Class of Your Own

The Experimental College is accepting applications for course offerings for the spring 2010 semester