August 5, 2009

Student Counsel

A graduate student in school psychology helps kids who might not otherwise have an ear in one of Boston’s oldest, toughest public schools

Threads of Hope

Researchers aim to improve working conditions, and lives, in factories overseas

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Researchers grow tissues that closely mimic layers of skin and open the possibility for new ways to study diseases and potential drug therapies

Religion, Sex and Money

A new course offered by the Rev. David O’Leary covers all the hot topics with a cool eye

What We Can Do for Our Country

Conference at Tisch College debates the nature of active citizenship in the age of Obama

Animals Aging Well

For the nation’s 40 million elderly pets, advances in veterinary care ensure the twilight years can be good ones

Flights of Fancy

Mark Karlins’ latest children’s book tells the story of a boy who wants to pursue his dreams—with a little help from Einstein


STOMP Goes to Google

A Tufts program that uses Legos to teach engineering to school kids spreads to California

Heart Risk Information at Our Fingertips

A simple sensor test may provide tip-off about impending cardiac events

Global Leaders

Tufts is ranked 40th internationally for top executive alumni

Another Award for the Interfaith Center

Building receives honor for excellence in architecture renovation and adaptive reuse design

Doctors of Business

Revised MD/MBA program begins this fall for combined-degree students

Compassion and Commitment

Five Tufts medical residents receive Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards