May 20, 2009

Legos and Learning

Video Tufts program sends college students to teach hands-on engineering skills to elementary school kids—with a big dash of fun

Uneasy Alliance

How do we make sure that academic medicine isn’t tainted by its association with the pharmaceutical industry?

It’s All About Change

In his commencement address, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick urges graduates to be “pragmatic idealists”

Practical Idealists

Advice for young people who want to change the world, but don’t want to go broke in the process


Construction Update

Many campus projects wend their way to completion

An Apple Tree Will Grow in Medford

Tufts gets a cutting from a descendant of the tree Isaac Newton sat beneath when he had his insight into the law of gravitation

Tracking the Bugs

Cummings School Ph.D. graduate identifies pathway for common parasite transmission

A Great Run

Softball places fourth in NCAA Championships, ends season with 44-3 record