February 18, 2009

The Attack of the Superbugs

Stuart Levy has been warning about the rise of antibiotic resistance for years, and even though the battle is getting tougher, there is cause for optimism

Working Vacation

Over the winter break, a group of students went to Ethiopia to learn about the challenges of developing one of the world’s poorest countries

Bridging Gaps

A new project seeks to devise ways to monitor the structural health of bridges, from initial design through years of repairs and alterations

Blight to Boon

Reclaiming abandoned industrial properties is tough, says UEP’s Justin Hollander, but with creative thinking, parks, museums and even wildlife refuges can take their place


Of Mice, Mom and Memory

Could how you remember things as an adolescent be influenced by what happened to your mother during her youth? A preliminary study with rodents says it might be true

Growth Spurt

The dental school’s outreach programs for youngsters in underserved areas is expanding

New Model for Biomedical Imaging

Using a different mathematical method drastically cuts computation time in determining how light travels through living tissue

Doing Right by Doing Good

Tufts is named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll