February 4, 2009

Magnet Classes

As students focus on timely and “Tufts-centric” issues, classes like Arabic, Chinese, community health, biomedical engineering and music are seeing a strong uptick in enrollments

Neurons Little Helpers

Neuroscientist Philip Haydon and his team are finding that brain cells long thought to be bit players have key roles in brain functions—and malfunctions

Memo to the President

Faculty weigh in with advice for Barack Obama as he begins his term

Stocking the World’s Cupboard

The global food crisis reminded us that although we’re growing more food, it’s not enough. Are we prepared for 2030? 


A Cup of Tea—and an Exercise Bike

New research shows that catechins, the nutrients in green tea, combined with exercise help trim fat bellies

Tufts Distinction Awards

Nominate your colleagues for program that honors staff and faculty contributions

Seal of Approval

Tufts Police Department joins elite group with recent accreditation

New to America and Tipping the Scales

Tufts receives NIH grant to study obesity prevention in recent immigrants