December 17, 2008

The Black Box of Language

Understanding how the brain processes spoken and written language could help people with dyslexia, strokes and head injuries, not to mention those wanting to brush up on their high school French

Dieting by Instinct

Donít fight your food impulses, says Tufts nutritionist Susan Roberts in a new book. What you need to do is work around them

Procrastination 101

Slideshow From YouTube and Facebook to ping-pong, students in finals week carve out time from studying

Headed for Trouble

A veterinary cardiologist had a hunch about a possible risk factor for feline heart disease, and a Cummings student helped prove him right

Fighting Cholera—With Information

Medical student Eric Nelson leads an effort to send medical expertise around the world on a CD


Goodnight, Mars

Video At mission’s end, scientist Sam Kounaves looks back at the Phoenix Mars Lander and the insights it provided

Breathing Space

The incidence of asthma among U.S.-born blacks living in Boston is much higher than their foreign-born neighbors

Field Hockey Team Reaches NCAA Finals

The Jumbos fall in double overtime, but end season with 19-2 record

Easing the Credit Crunch

Tufts to participate in Federal Direct Student Loan Program for 2009–10 academic year