December 3, 2008

Righting the Racial Past

With the election of Barack Obama, we now might be in a post-civil rights era, but America is hardly a post-racial society, say two professors

The Year of Revolt

1968—when cities burned, leaders were assassinated and upheaval was the word of the day—is the focus of a history course for today’s college students

Cities, Leadership and Returning Home

Inspired by his sociology professors, Ryan Centner, A98, joined them this fall as an assistant professor

Classroom as Community

Managing students is less about keeping order and more about building a sense of belonging, says a new book


Tea Time is Healthy Time

Common ingredient in most herbal teas lowers risk of heart disease

Take the Pill? Take Care

A new study shows that women using oral contraceptives are at risk for vitamin B6 deficiency

Health Care Disparities

Study finds that patients' race and ethnicity may affect their experience in doctor’s office