November 4, 2008

The Freshman Vote

Slideshow It’s their first time choosing a president, and the first-year students at Tilton Hall such as Danielle Pike take the responsibility seriously

The Secret Language of Music

Video Mary Talusan explores the subtle communication of talking gongs – and now guitars – heard in the southern Philippines for centuries, and makes them her own

He Made Them Want Their MTV

When the music video network was launched in 1981, industry insiders didnít give it a chance, but co-founder Tom Freston had the last laugh

Found in Translation

Exploring the connection between Japanese literary hipster Haruki Murakami and writer Raymond Carver

Many Mouths to Feed

Keep the policy focus on the world food security, says a former secretary of agriculture


Snooze Patrol

Students need more sleep, and Tufts is getting the word out that more shut-eye equals healthier lives

The Joy of Almonds

Munching on the nuts may help reduce known factors for heart disease, a recent study finds

The Danger of Scientific Hype

Does the publication process reward novelty at the expense of good science?

Looking for New Economic Paths

Leontief Prize winners address new vision for trade and development on November 17