October 2008

I Robot, You Programmer

Grad student Mike Horn combines computer science and child development to help kids learn the basics of programming by employing robots—and lots of fun

Here Comes The Sun

Solar energy is too expensive, but engineer Thomas Vandervelde is working to make it cost efficient for everyone and change the way we use power

Out of Sight

Vision loss is an inevitable part of aging. What you eat could help forestall it.

Rescuing the Raptors

A common household rodent poison can kill birds of prey, but help is on the way

Language Throws a Curveball

Linguist Ray Jackendoff looks for the underlying mechanisms of speech and thought—and finds them in baseball

The Beautiful and the Beastly in Disney

A survey of the Magic Kingdom offers an intriguing look at shifting American cultural attitudes

Danger Afoot

Public health means more than disease prevention for Joe Donroe, A98, M07, who studies the high rate of child pedestrian injuries in Peru

Horse Tales

Period equine books find a home in Grafton—and in cyberspace

Construction Updates

A number of building projects are under way on all three campuses

Honk If You Love Festivals

Once again, Tufts joins a Somerville extravaganza that takes to the streets October 11

Rights, Wrongs and the Humanities

Writers Francisco Goldman and Ian Buruma headline symposium on October 23–24

Time to Serve Your Country

President Bacow offers his advice to a national readership

Be Smart

Vitamin B deficiency may cause cognitive impairment