September 2008

Super Vision

Karen Panetta, an associate professor of electrical engineering, has created a technology that could revolutionize imaging in fields as diverse as security and medicine

Immigration as Blackmail

Many countries use threats of population movements to achieve their goals, and it’s not just the bad guys

First in Class

The freshmen arriving on campus this September are diverse—and smart

The Light Fantastic

Researchers use silk to create green optical technologies with potential applications ranging from bacteria detection to new solar cells

A Very Curious Mind

New biography charts the life of Tufts professor Allan Cormack, inventor of the CAT scan and Nobel laureate

Subprime Blues

A Summer Scholar charts the repercussion of the housing crisis in Somerville

A Tale of Two Cavemen

Two spelunkers who discovered extraordinary caverns are the subject of Neil Miller’s new book

Building Time

An update on construction projects around the three Tufts campuses

The ABCs of the Class of ’12

We’ve got everyone from a principal cellist to National Merit Scholars (55, in fact) to a Dairy Princess

Palindromes and Chromosomes

A new clue to the origin of genomic instability that leads to cancer

Eye of the Beholder

Study shows that “gaydar,” like other snap judgments, is more often right than wrong

Barely a Scratch

Skipping invasive tests, veterinary detective work led to one happy polar bear

Green Top Ten, Redux

Tufts is called one of 10 universities that “get” green by the Sierra Club for the second year in a row