June 2008

Giving Peace a Chance

An initiative to solve the intractable conflict in Iraq brought the warring sides together in Helsinki recently for talks—thanks in part to critical Tufts connections

From the Laboratory to Treating Patients

Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center receive $20 million from NIH for clinical and translational research

Witness for the Prosecution … Maybe

Samuel Sommers casts a social psychologist’s skeptical eye on the criminal justice system

Hats Off to the Class of 2008

Commencement speaker Meredith Vieira advises graduating students to follow their own paths

Growing the World’s Food Supply

Don’t expect global food shortages to end any time soon without new technology, warns the U.S. secretary of agriculture

Good Neighbors and Better Lives

Does the community you live in affect who you are and what you become?

Oh Yeah? Says Who?

William Lockeretz of the Friedman School gets a thrill out of debunking dogma


All Aboard for Mars

The Phoenix Lander touches down on the Red Planet with Tufts scientific equipment ready to search for signs of water—and life

Eve of Destruction

Tufts researchers calculate the high cost of climate change

The Cartography of Hunger

Mapping the worldwide connections between nutrition and socioeconomic factors

Hip Fractures and Leafy Vegetables

Vitamin K, found in the likes of spinach and kale, is crucial to maintaining good bone health

Faculty Awards for AS&E

This year’s honors were given out on May 14

A Promotion at Ballou

Jillian Dubman is the new secretary of the faculty at AS&E

International Recognition

Nak-Ho Sung receives Korean National Medal of Honor