May 2008

Parenting on Autopilot

Neurobiology drives important behavioral instincts when raising young, says Robert Bridges, a professor of biomedical sciences. Now he’s studying how those mechanisms work in the brain.

Struggle and Inspiration

Tufts symposium tackles difficult issues facing women in the science, medicine and engineering fields

Cap and Gown Time

Commencement 2008 takes place on Sunday, May 18

Innovation Nation

To keep the United States on the leading edge of technology, we need public policies that encourage continual advances, scientist says

Unflappable at Ballou

Catherine Doheney retires after 25 years holding it all together

Bringing Light to North Korea

Former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, urges more engagement with Pyongyang

China’s Rice Bowl

A cheap supply of the Asian staple is no longer guaranteed, and that’s bad news, says a Friedman School professor


Books of the Year

Publications from A&S authors and musicians range from poetry to faith healing and the future of democracy

Bird Brains

Pigeons might be smarter than we realize, and tell us something about the origin of reasoning

Staving Off Cell Death

Researcher finds a pathway to deter cell destruction in traumas such as heart attacks, which could lead to improved therapies

Mainly in Need of Dentists

It’s lobster rolls for everyone in the effort to lure dental professionals to Maine

Toxic Treatment

Tadpoles are found to develop deformities when exposed to common lawn herbicide

He Was “Mr. Tufts”

John Baronian, A50, H97, a former trustee, dies at age 87