April 2008

In the Public Interest

A new program helps grads working in nonprofits with their student loans. ďItís great for people who want to work in the nonprofit sector but are concerned about paying off their loans,Ē says sophomore Madeleine Buras (right).

A Legacy of Innovation

Tufts receives $136 million, the largest gift in university history, from charitable trust established by Frank C. Doble, Class of 1911

No Easy Way Out

Lee Hamilton tells conference that leaving Iraq in a responsible manner will be difficult

25 Players, 25 Cabs

When the Red Sox played as a team, they won. When they didnít, they didnít

Seeing with Our Ears

An interactive sound sculpture, “Harmony in the Age of Noise,” opens on the Tisch Library roof April 23

The Enemy of My Enemy

In politics, itís easier to unite against a common foe than toward a common good

Psychotherapy, Stoic-style

Psychiatrist Ronald Pies says the philosophers from ancient Greece can teach us a thing or two about coping with life in 21st-century America


A Royal Pain

The king of the jungle meets his heroóa dentist

The Digital Skills Divide

Economics determines how parents surf the Web

Northern Exposure

A new partnership addresses the doctor shortage in Maine

Nutrition Degree Program for United Arab Emirates

Masterís degree will focus on nutrition science, policy and research

From Bench to Bedside

Tufts is joining the NIH push for practical applications of research findings

New Engineering Degree Explored for India

Online students would also come to Tufts campus